All businesses are required to prepare annual accounts in order to calculate the amount of tax payable to HMRC.  Accounts are also important in reviewing how the business is performing from year-to-year. 

GX Accountancy & Bookkeeping Services are experienced in preparing accounts for businesses of all sizes and legal status.  We can take the pressure away of meeting the statutory deadlines for filing accounts and ensure that you have the best information available to make the decisions required to move your business forward.

The accountancy services that we offer include the following:

  • Preparing your annual accounts from your financial records
  • Advising you on the correct treatment of business transactions according to HMRC
  • Calculating your tax position, including claiming any capital allowances that may be available, and notifying you of exactly how much tax you will have to pay and when it is due to be paid
  • Discussing the accounts with you to make you aware of how your business is performing and answering any questions you may have.

We offer a free 60 minute consultation to discuss your requirements.  To take advantage of this opportunity, please contact us using our online form.