The management of the financial and tax aspects of a limited company is vitally important to the directors and shareholders to ensure that there are no needless penalties and no unexpected corporation or personal tax surprises.

At GX Accountancy & Bookkeeping Services, we offer a bespoke package for limited companies that can include the following services:

  • Preparation of the company’s annual financial statements in accordance with UK legislation, including the new FRS 102 and FRS 105 accounting standards
  • Submitting the approved financial statements to Companies House
  • Calculating the company’s corporation tax liability and preparing and submitting the company’s corporation tax return
  • Maintaining the company’s accounting records throughout the year on a suitable bookkeeping system
  • Preparing the company’s VAT returns and submitting them to HMRC
  • Preparing the company’s annual confirmation statement and submitting it to Companies House
  • Reviewing the company’s financial position and providing you with the optimum method of withdrawing funds from the company
  • Preparing your personal self assessment tax return from the transactions undertaken with the company and submitting this to HMRC

We understand that limited companies can be complicated to operate and we strive to make it less so for you.  Please complete the form on our contact page for a free 60 minute consultation to discuss how we can provide with the best service possible.